Hay Pay

Coming Soon – Online Hay Payments

We’ve partnered with PayPal to implement a Hay Payment System into HayMap that can benefit both hay buyers & sellers. Hay purchases can add up quick and sometimes you need hay now or would like to buy more but don’t have the immediate funds to do so, we understand.

We’re launching a Hay Payment system on the HayMap iOS App soon.


Benefiting both Hay Buyers & Sellers

Hay Buyers, you will soon be able to pay sellers for hay using your credit card or PayPal account to allow you to buy the hay you need now and pay for it later.

Hay Sellers, through HayMap’s partnership with PayPal you will soon be able to start accepting credit cards at a low rate. Giving hay buyers the convenience of paying with credit cards you will be able to get paid immediately, not worry about returned or fraudulent checks, and potentially increase your total sales. Many studies show credit card purchases can be up to 30% higher than cash or check payments.

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