HayMap & Jones Twine

HayMap Pro Members now have the ability to get special dealer pricing on almost all brands of net wrap, twine, and silage wrap through our partnership with Jones Twine.

This is a great benefit to save money on your baling products and become a HayMap Net Wrap, Twine, and Silage Wrap dealer in your area.

Available brands and details of Net Wrap, Twine and Silage Wrap:

Net Wrap Available:

Heavy Duty Bale Tuff Net Wrap: Extremely comparable to Prichett, Swanson, and Family Forage Brands, this heavy-duty Chinese net wrap has become one of the most popular net wraps in the country due to its heaviness and aggressive price.

Ag-Rite Net Wrap:  This Net Wrap uses the newest technologies available.  High UV, great over the edge protection, and will work in ALL balers.  Ag-Rite is a premium net wrap, green in color, and at a very good price point.  This is one of the best values on the market.

BridonUSA has BridonMAX, Integra, or Magnet Net Wrap: BridonMAX is the closest thing you will get to John Deere Net Wrap.  Made by Tama, the same manufacturer as John Deere Net, and comes with all the same bells and whistles. These are also the same brands you would buy with a New Holland or Case Label.  BridonMAX is also the same as Tama Blue Zebra and Kubota Net Wrap.

Other Brands available: Netex, TopNet, Grand Harvest (same as Tytan), Farmers, EcoBull and Tyrite.

Twine Available:

High Quality Imported Twines and USA Made Twines are available. Everything from 110 knot strength to HD750 knot strength in a variation of colors.

Brands Available: Bridon, AgRite, TyRite, Balecord, Grand Harvest (Same as Tytan), PXL, Tama

Silage Wrap Available:

Sunfilm, Sunfilm Gold, and Sunfilm GoldMAX 1.5 Mil: Most popular silage wrap in the USA.

Bale Tuff SW: This 5 layer product is one of the most tuff silage wraps on the market. Also, it comes at a great price.  High puncture resistance, very consistent, and a premium tack that will hold up in all weather!  This product comes in 1.2 mil and 1.5 mil.

Supergrass and Silotite: Your highest quality Silage wrap from around the world.  The 5 layer technology helps eliminate potential problems and ensures the highest quality silage hay. Using the newest 7-layer technology, you can get premium performance for less money

Other Brands: Agriseal, Agrite, and Flavorseal

The goal of HayMap is to set up dealers all across the USA. To do this there would be a minimum purchase. If you want to see if you can save money on your products and/or become the HayMap Net Wrap, Twine, or Silage Wrap dealer in your area call and reference HayMap:

 1-833-429-2253 (1-833-HAY-BALE)