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Send us an email at support@haymap.com if you can’t find an answer to your question below.
  1. What is HayMap?
  2. List Hay for Sale on HayMap
  3. Finding Hay Using HayMap
  4. Edit My Profile
  5. View My Feedback
  6. Report an Offensive Listing
  7. Manage your Notifications
  8. Block a User
  9. Reset my Password
  10. Delete my Account
  11. My question isn’t listed here.
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What is HayMap?

HayMap is an online hay & forage marketplace that helps hay buyers & sellers connect on a secure platform. We help buyers find hay fitting their needs and help sellers market their hay and forage to buyers in need. Back to Top↑

List Hay for Sale on HayMap

Post a hay for sale listing by switching to ‘Hay Selling’ in the sidebar and tapping ‘Sell Hay or Add Listing’ on the left side or bottom of the screen. Back to Top↑

Finding Hay Using Hay Map

Find hay on HayMap by browsing the map in your area or switch to the list view to locate hay that fits your needs. Once you have located hay that you are interested in you can tap/click on ‘Contact Seller’ or tap on Call, Text or Email in the iPhone app. Back to Top↑

Edit My Profile

To Edit settings such as your Name, Email Address, Mobile Number and Payment options in your profile go to the ‘My Account’ tab located in the left or right sidebar. Back to Top↑

View My Feedback

In the ‘My Account’ tab or the left-hand sidebar you will see a link at the top labeled ‘View My Feedback’ or ‘X Reviews’ where you can view all feedback left for you from buyers & sellers. Back to Top↑

Report an Inappropriate Listing

If you notice any listings that contain inappropriate content or violates the HayMap Terms of Use you can use the ••• icon located in the top right corner of the listing details in the iOS & Android apps or click ‘Report this Listing’ while viewing a listing using the desktop version to have the listing flagged for removal. It will be taken down if it is found to to be in violation of the HayMap Terms of Use. Back to Top↑

Manage your Notifications

You can view any notifications you receive from buyers or sellers in the ‘Notifications’ tab in the left-hand sidebar. You can edit your notification preferences under ‘Settings’. Back to Top↑

Block a User

We are working on a feature to block any users you select from viewing your public HayMap profile and any hay listings you may have posted. Back to Top↑

Reset my Password

You can reset your password anytime in the ‘My Account’ tab in the sidebar by tapping ‘Reset Password’ in your profile and an email will be sent to you to reset your password or you can click on this link at anytime to reset your password: Reset Password Back to Top↑

Delete my Account

You can delete your account anytime in your profile by tapping on ‘Deactivate Account’ in ‘My Account’. Please note that by deleting your account feedback tied to your number won’t be deleted. If you delete your account and try to sign up again you will be asked to login with your last used password and any feedback that was left for you in the past will be reinstated to your account upon logging in. You can request us to remove your account anytime by emailing us at: Remove My Account Back to Top↑

My question isn’t listed here.

If you have a question and don’t see it listed here send us an email at support@haymap.com and we’ll get back to you promptly! Usually within 2 hours or less. Back to Top↑

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